Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services

Sprout Center was founded out of a love for the study and practice of early childhood practice and family wellness. And while the primary practice of Sprout remains child and family therapy, we realize that there is also great need for support within the walls of childcares and schools. Therefore, we are proud to bring Early Childhood Mental Health Services forward. 

If your teachers, your students, or your families are struggling, we are here to support you with our team of licensed therapists and skilled educational consultants. We have staff with experience and knowledge in the following areas:

  • early childhood development
  • challenging behaviors
  • attachment and relationships
  • anxiety and depression
  • trauma
  • grief and loss
  • family stressors

Our on-site services can also take many forms, as we recognize that the needs of providers are as diverse as the needs of our children and families. When you contract with Sprout, our therapists and educational consultants can provide your organization, staff, students, and families with: 

  • on-site mental health evaluations 
  • on-site behavioral or educational observations and consultations
  • on-site IBHS evaluations
  • on-site or virtual training and professional development
  • referral to and support from one of our licensed counselors

We look forward to discussing with you the ways that Sprout can partner with your organization to ensure that the Early Childhood Mental Health needs of your program are met.