Right now, it can be challenging to find a mental health professional with openings, and you may have seen that counseling interns are being offered. Many folks think that choosing a masters level counseling intern means that you are choosing a less-than-skilled professional, however, that is not the case. The truth is that a masters level counseling intern already has an undergraduate degree and is nearing the end of their graduate program.

Here are 5 reasons to choose a masters level counseling intern:

  1. Training: Counseling interns are at the end of their education, which means that their training is current and fresh. They are just about ready to graduate, and they have all the necessary courses they need to support clients. They just need real-world experience (with supervision) to put their skills into practice.
  2. Price:  Although in many cases counseling interns cannot be covered by health insurance, the rate to see an intern is significantly less than your deductible or paying out of pocket.
  3. Extra Eyes: Counseling interns are supervised, often by more than one person. They receive supervision from a licensed professional at their place of internship, and they are also receiving supervision from a professor. Using a counseling intern means that you will have many professionals monitoring your child’s progress.
  4. Time: Licensed therapists are doing their best to provide everyone with the very best care, but they are also very busy right now. Choosing a counseling intern allows you to use someone who has more time to dedicate to research your child’s needs, plan an intervention, and follow up and adjust.
  5. Youth: Often, your counseling intern will be younger. They have more insight into the new technology, lingo, trends, and other things a more “seasoned” clinician does not necessarily know about or understand. These advantages can be helpful in building a rapport with younger therapy seekers and it can bring a fresh perspective to treatment.

It is always appropriate to ask questions about working with a counseling intern to find out more information. Talk with their supervisor and try meeting with the counseling intern to see if it works. You will be providing a valuable learning opportunity for the counseling intern and getting a great therapy experience in return!

Written by:

Sprout Center Consult